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2018 McLaren 570S Spider Driven: Svengali Supercar

The subtle feedback of tugs and twitches coming through the steering wheel with every pavement undulation and nuanced change in road surface are vivid enough that an astute passenger will notice the wheel’s wriggling. This is not standard-issue carmaking (or even supercar-making) these days. But McLaren is going countercultural by prioritizing driver involvement, even at […] …


The One-Off Lamborghini Concept is Being Auctioned… Again

The first and only functional example of the 2006 Lamborghini Concept S is being auctioned… again. With only about 112 miles on the odometer (180 kilometers), the Lamborghini Concept S is a true street-legal roadster and has been shown twice at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This is not the first time it is crossing […]
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Lost at Sea: Mulliner Puts a Boat Deck inside a Bentley Continental GT’s Trunk

Presenting the Bentley Motors Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition by Mulliner, a car with nearly as many syllables in its name as examples being built. It is a hand-crafted batch of exactly 30 vehicles, and yet another luxury automaker’s ode to yachts, this time named after the Greek goddess of calm seas, Galene. Bentley’s customization division, […] …


Audi Wants High-Performance EVs to Join Hybrid RS Variants

The great thing about talking to senior executives at auto companies is that they know considerably more than their PR minders do. And sometimes, if you get the right exec on the right day, they’re prepared to talk about things the spin doctors would advise against revealing. We suspect that Peter Mertens, new head of […] …


2017 Honda Civic Si Driven: Excellence without VTEC

There is no denying the overall excellence of the 2017 Honda Civic Si. There just isn’t. Adopting as it has the boldly styled forms of Honda’s 10th-generation Civic sedan and coupe, the new Si starts out with a darn good foundation. And none of the Si additions—a 205-hp turbocharged 1.5-liter engine, a short-throw shifter for the […] …


2018 McLaren 720S Dissected: Chassis, Powertrain, Styling, and More!

McLaren marches to a speedy techno drumbeat. It’s been only six years since the company’s supercar-making Automotive division launched its first product, the MP4-12C. McLaren gave that car what was essentially a heavy facelift—and a far less clunky name—just three years later, rechristening it the 650S. Now the mostly new 720S is here, based around […] …


VW’s Polo WRC Might Not Even Be Allowed to Race

Following Volkswagen’s surprise decision to exit the World Rally Championship late last year, it was revealed that the automaker wanted to homologate the Polo R WRC so that a privateer team could race the car. Now, though, the other teams have raised concerns about the Polo, making the car even less likely to hit the […]
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